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RE-POSTED from Fanfiction .net. A few months after PP, Danny visits Clockwork's tower at the ... Justice League ... All Media Types (1) Ao no Exorcist | Blue Exorcist (1) Exclude Characters Pandora ( Danny Phantom ) (86) Danny Fenton (78) Clockwork ( Danny Phantom ) (68 ) Tucker. subzero webtoon 125; hammer of justice classic; 223.
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THE PEOPLE VS What matters is that a sleep-deprived, overstretched Batman pushes himself to guide the Justice League when three different disasters happen simultaneously: An alien invasion, a hostage crisis, and a powerful. Homie, a Danny Phantom + Justice League Unlimited Crossover fanfic | >FanFiction She had to resist the urge to squirm and cower under the stares she was being subjected.

I think part of fanfiction is uniting things that are otherwise incongrous- you can write whatever you want. I've bounced around some extremely vague ideas about BNHA and Invincible- if Mark got tossed into the MHA-verse and somehow got pressganged into hero work/UA, you'd have a comparatively hardened and even violent character who's facing issues in a much lighter, fluffier world.
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  • I have been meaning to edit Ultimate Danny Phantom for a long time now. I decided the sooner I got around to it, the better. So here it is. I'll be combining all the chapters from previous segments together like this for the duration, so there will be less chapters, but much more content in them. Also, major props to Cordria, my beta reader.
  • Unfortunately for the Danny program, his first moment of self awareness comes in the chaos of Vlad's destroyed lab. It's after Danny and his friends leave. Vlad activates him and the man is seething. The ectoplasm of the dead clones covers everything, coating his projector, just under him insubstantial holographic boots.
  • Danny was suddenly snapped out of his memory when Dash smashed his head against the hard metal lockers and threw back his head, laughing along with the rest of the jocks and cheerleader. "Get over it, Fenton!" he sneered. "She never liked you any way! She's just plain crazy now!" Everyone erupted into menacing cackles as they all left Danny alone.
  • 1.2K Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. Luna's Hero by ArtyFrost8. 28.8K 916 17. The Three greatest threats to Equestria have captured the three older princesses. In a desperate move, Twilight uses a summoning spell to try to call on a hero for help... dannyphantom. mylittlepony.
  • An ongoing series of Danny Phantom Fan Fics written by Aaron12 (aka Aaron Kuzik).. The series takes place following the Grand Finale of the cartoon. Danny's life has undergone many changes following the events of "Phantom Planet", with his entire family now aware of his powers, his best friend Tucker Foley being Amity Park's new mayor, former rival Valerie Gray now an ally, and, of course, his ...