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La familia de receptores GPS NEO-6 están diseñados para tener un pequeño tamaño, pequeño coste, y pequeño consumo. La intensidad de corriente necesaria es de unos 37mA en modo de medición continuo. La tensión de.
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NEO-5M--001GPS模块PPS引脚求教. 该模块上面的PPS脚是什么意思?. 怎么接?. 或哪位大侠有该模块资料,给个链接。. 谢谢.

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  • Module with ceramics antenna, mini size with strong signal, with IPEX interface for connecting to other powered antenna. With Micro interface. Module size: 37.4 x 26.2mm / 1.47" x 1.03". Power saving mode current: 30mA.
  • Neo 6M ¶ Position - GPS ... GPIO –> PPS: Experimental (optional), used to let the GPS unit update the time of the ESP. Dropdown: SoftwareSerial lets you select any GPIO pin, HW Serial0 is the preferred (most stable), HW Serial0 swapped is similar to Serial0, HW Serial1 is only able to receive data from the GPS unit.
  • About a week ago, I wrote a tutorial on my NEO 6M GPS module and the Go programming language.In this tutorial, I demonstrated how to use Golang to interact with the serial port on my computer ...
  • The u-blox NEO-6M module is a low cost easy to use GPS module that includes a built-in antenna for plug-n-play operation. SIGN IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO HAVE ACCESS TO DIFFERENT FEATURES. ... PPS = Time Pulse is an output which pulses at one second rate to indicate time sync with a satellite. Signal is also connected to on-board LED
  • Module định vị GPS NEO - 6M . Hotline. 0931182204 . Giỏ hàng của bạn . 0931182204 ... PPS: chân này kết nối với Led PPS trên module, nếu Led sáng module vận hành bình thường nhưng vị trí chưa được cập nhật, Led nhấp nháy vị trí đã được xác định thành công. ...