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Recently I noticed a ticking/clicking kinda of sound on the rear end drivers side it drives me crazy makes my car sound like a piece... You can hear the noise when you turn the tire back and forth when its jacked up in the air. I can only hear it when im going slow maybe around 10 mph or pulling.
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The sound is just like a bad front cv joint, just very muffled and coming from the rear, it's just a continuous clicking until you straighten the car out of the turn and speed up. I first noticed it while making turns, mostly right-hand turns. My driveway is not paved but is covered with shredded roof tiles (I know it sounds weird but it seems.

Hi all I've been noticing a clicking noise that seems to be coming from the from driver side wheel well only when I turn right. Unless it also happens when I turn right and I'm just not hearing it. Has anyone experienced this? I'm probably going to take it into the dealer, feel like something isn't tightened and hoping it's not u joint already.
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  • There will be a clicking or popping noise when turning. Whether it happens during left turns, or right turns will depend on which joint has failed. Tears, or cracks in the CV joint boot. Grease splattered along the inside of your wheel rim. Shuddering during acceleration. This is a sign that it is one of the inner CV joints that has failed, but ...
  • There is a ticking noise coming from underneath my truck when I drive. When I accelerate from a stop I dont hear it or if I slow down below 20 km's the noise stops. It seems when I coast or drive normal I hear it.
  • Boots look OK. Clicking occurs only under pressure (like turning the wheels and rolling either front or back slowly to produce noise). Coming from outboard left rear CV 'area'. Brought it up to mechanic at annual service, and they reported not hearing anything (must not have tried very hard).
  • level 1. · 10 mo. ago. In my experience, any time an electric motor (for any use, not just wheelchairs) starts to click when under load, it means there's a problem somewhere in the driveline, or internally to the motor. In a bicycle, this would mean that the chain transferring power from the pedals to the rear wheel is stretching and slipping.
  • 891 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 5, 2010. So I was driving my Jeep around today with no top or doors and I noticed a clicking noise. At first it seemed like it was only making the noise when I was on a curve, then I noticed it when I was going straight, and it goes away when I press the brakes. The clicking gets faster when I go faster.